Friday 5 April 2013

Ninga discovers cats creep

 At first the turtle seemed to be able to cope with the idea of height but then his brains got the better of him and like the rest of us he started seeking structure and security.
 The turtle was a present from matt Page who just snuck it out of his pockets and self conciously said something like"I've got you a present. Is this any good for you". I really like the idea of presents. Sometimes it would be nice to arrive at the studio and find a little pile of presents left at the door as if somebody else was taking control of the creative process.
Many years ago whilst I was a Foundation student I created a sculpture that was some stairs that started in a pit and then ended in mid air. In some ways I saw it as a fold away sculpture in that if you folded the top half away it would snuggly fo back into the ground. Maybe it came from being a boy scout and when you dug a fire pit you always hung onto the turf to replant over the patch where the fire had been when you had finished with it.