Monday 20 May 2019

5 Asteroids in search of the After Shave box

Almost  a selective narrative going on with the 5 small objects seeking a sheltering place for themselves. Each one fits exactly into the box and all five are vying for that position. In the end it will be touch and go which one actually docks itself into the station.

Wednesday 8 May 2019

Dave Head in box x 9

This is an extension piece from the collaborative work that I have been doing with Will Stephens. He created the 9 heads that are in the boxes. I created the boxes. The idea was to create a sculpture that took advantage of a specific dimension. In this case it was the distance between the top of the book case and the ceiling. The heads were created using a 3D printer and are a multiple of the same image. It is the image that was originally used to for the VEIL film that we showed in the Room 103 exhibition at the Saul Hay Gallery in Manchester. The images on the boxes are from images that have been used in other sculptures that I have produced in recent times. Kind of elaborate extensions to memories and experiences; a sort of diary.