Friday 28 March 2014

pink satellite candlestick

Structure within a structure. Like a growth on a tree which then becomes a part of the tree. The form is dictated by the structure and vise versa.

Thursday 23 January 2014

Pudding box

A multiple which is constrained by the perimetre of the box. Each one fits into the box. I made this over the Christmas period last year and iontended to post it just before the recent Christmas but never got round to it. I have had lots of thoughts recently about the way that things fit into other things. We seem to coordinate our lives by cramming one thing into another. I like the idea of a travelling sculpture that fits neatly into a suitcase. Considering making sets of sculptures that fit into such things as rucksacks.

Tuesday 21 January 2014

Willow Pattern Saucer

Small personal possessions that used to be my mother's property when she was alive. The saucer was broken by a seagull who we were feeding who got impatient for us to bring some more food and threw the saucer on the floor off a garden table.