Tuesday 10 May 2011

Shifting Boundaries, Doorway sculpture

Doorway : (2011).

(a doorway becomes a symbol for entry and exit, an opening which leads us through from one space and dimension to another; a portal).

Doorway, which is on exhibition at the Phoenix Gallery in Brighton throughout May, is a site specific work that deals with the concept of inside and out. In its essence it will be more about the movement between the two. The doorway is a set structure that the amorphous sculpture moves through between the two sides, using it both as a support mechanism as well as a framing device. Pictures of a
living room are used as part of the jopinted structure's surface. The pictures incorporate artifacts and scenes from the artist's personal life. The piece includes a TV which is constantly showing a film of the structure actually moving around the original living room space that was photographed to create its "skin". This film acts as a memory of the sculptures existence outside of the exhibition space. How we view reality and the way that we see the world around us is brought into question.

Photos: John House.